Neerina, Fairy Queen of Halloween

Neerina, Fairy Queen of Halloween

A fairy to celebrate all ghoulish things.The greeting card features a lovely poem to entertain grown-ups and little ones. Nereena is also the star of our first book and iPad app Nereena, the Fairy Queen of Halloween. She is a very special fairy—as a matter fact, so far, she is the only Fairy Queen.


From Nereena, the Fairy Queen of Halloween:

Fairies have been resident in the human imagination for many centuries. In fact, their very existence relies on being imagined. The FantaFairies series of books, drawings and other artifacts exist to preserve and encourage that magical human energy that makes the existence of fairies possible, and makes our human lives more interesting and enjoyable.

Many know of the improbable city of Venice, Italy, perched off of the northeastern Italian coast, just barely keeping its head above the rising Adriatic Sea. This city, too, exists and survives (and some would say fully depends) on the imagination and dreams of mankind. This makes it the natural place of origin for an entire species of fairy, called FantaFairies, who issue forth from this improbable place to embrace and protect the far-flung cities, towns and hamlets, the holidays, the music, art and other yearnings most precious to the mortal humans chasing their dreams across the surface of the Earth.

"Beautifully told in verse, Nereena is a charming, lushly illustrated iPad storybook that is interactive in all the right ways. A collaboration between the talented husband and wife team of writer Richard Boyd and illustrator Vanessa Rumaz Boyd (whose Fantafairies franchise is a delightful phenomenon in its own right), this lovingly crafted app features a rich mythology that informs an enchanting backstory and bewitching tale. Gorgeously ghoulish art, captivating interactivity, a haunting score, and fun, otherworldy sound effects conspire to create a compelling Halloween fantasy that will actively engage kids and inspire endless readings/viewings all year long and for years to come".
Peter Hannan—Creator of CatDog, The Greatest Snowman In The World (Harpercollins, 2010;) My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed, (Scholastic, 2011), Freddy, King Of Flurb (Harpercollins Series Starting 2011.
"Look out Jack Skellington and The Nightmare before Christmas...Nereena, the Fairy Queen is the new classic for Halloween. The deliciously intricate artwork and deceptively intriguing storyline were full of discoveries for all my family. Cheers to many more Fairies for all the holidays!"
Jeffrey Bacon Entertainment Art Director & Designer for filmmakers including James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Burton & Bob Zemeckis