Meet the FantaFairies

Fantafairies are charming little ladies, but do not underestimate their powers. They bring joy and hope. They are patrons of places, protectors of feelings, treasurers of things they love and that we love.

They fully live by their motto, to protect and embrace. Each FantaFairy represents a different theme and each will transport you into her charming and whimsical fantasy world. Children and adults will delight in searching for hidden icons in their intricate costumes.

So, ready to meet them?

Eva, Patron Fairy of Love

Ariadne, Patron Fairy of Venice and Protector of Travelers

Marostica, Patron Fairy of the Cherries and Protector of Local Economies

Nereena, Fairy Queen of Halloween

Giselle, Patron Fairy of Ballet

Ife, Patron Fairy of Engagements

Caroline, Patron Fairy of North Carolina