Dauphine, Fairy Queen Protector of Bald Head Island

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Dauphine, the Fairy Queen Protector of Bald Head Island

Meet Dauphine, the Fairy Queen Protector of Bald Head Island. Within her intricate costume, richly depicted in this pen and ink hand drawing, you will find everything that makes Bald Head Island the enchanting and historic place that has attracted and inspired visitors for a very long time. Look closely and see if you can unweave the winding tale of the island’s history and her unusual geography and sub-tropical maritime ecosystem. Dauphine appeals to all who embrace and protect this enigmatic North Carolina island and continue to seek the delicate balance between its human inhabitants and her natural beauty.

On BHI wildlife is abundant. Can you spot: a deer, an American alligator, a gray fox, a squirrel treefrog, a raccoon, a rough green snake? Did you know the squirrel treefrog gets its name from its squirrel-like call?
BHI is a wonderful place for bird watching. Can you find a Laughing Seagull, an Osprey, a Painted Bunting, a White Ibis, a Brown Pelican, a Black-crowned Night Heron. Did you know that only the male Painted Bunting is brightly colored?
The four habitats of BHI (dune, maritime forest, salt marsh, and freshwater lagoons) are full of life! Can you spot: a ghost crab, a loggerhead sea turtle and her eggs, a bottlenose dolphin, a sand dollar, a lightning whelk, a quahog clam, an ark clam, some sea whip, a few Indian blanketflowers, a diamondback terrapin, some sea oxeye daisies, a loblolly pine, some cattails, canopy trees and sabal palms.
Days are never dull on BHI! You can go paddling or kayaking, you can visit the lagoons. You can play golf or croquet (wear white!), or go sailing. You can fly kites and visit the local stores. You can ride a bike around and stop at the village for some refreshments. You can visit Old Baldy or you can adopt a turtle at the BHI Conservancy.
Did you know on BHI you can watch the sun rise and set over the Atlantic? A very unusual treat!
Can you find all the names BHI has been called? Did you know its name reportedly came from its dunes, which to pilots resembled a bald head?
In his exploration of the New World, Giovanni da Verrazzano made landfall near what would be Cape Fear. He sailed on a French vessel named La Dauphine.
Many pirates used BHI as a hideout. The most famous of them was Stede Bonnet, the “Gentleman Pirate.” Legend says the wealthy Bonnet took on a life of piracy to run away from his wife. His sailing vessel was named Revenge.
What else can you see?