About the Artist

Vanessa Rumaz BoydVanessa Mercante Boyd, formerly Vanessa Rumaz Boyd { also known as The Fairy Lady}

Vanessa Is Italian born and bred, beginning her life in the shadow of a great castle city presiding over the foothills of the ancient Dolomites and looking out over the Venetian plain all the way to Venice. She does not really recall how she began drawing fairies. They arrived one evening, looked around and took up residence in her imagination to stay. One could spend a lifetime trying to piece together the reasons that fairies choose one person over another to draw them and write about them. But why wonder? It is best to just get busy and draw, before they flit away as fairies are wont to do.

Vanessa has been the recipient of many awards including a Webby Worthy from The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. She was also published in the prestigious book Graphis Interactive.

The artistic effort behind the FantaFairies has produced a collection of highly detailed ink drawings showcasing various subjects. The project is particularly meaningful and close to Vanessa’s heart because the FantaFairies are ambassadors of goodwill and they benefit various charitable organizations.

Vanessa and her husband Richard, together published their first book in the FantaFairies series: Nereena, the Fairy Queen of Halloween. The book was followed by the release of the Ipad app. Both the book and the app received great reviews and kind words by many, including Peter Hannan (creator of Nickelodeon’s CatDog), Jeffrey Bacon (entertainment art director & designer for filmmakers including James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Burton & Bob Zemeckis) and Suzy Amis Cameron, founder of Muse Elementary and wife of Hollywood director James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, etc).

Vanessa lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband, Richard, their two children, and three cats. She enjoys traveling, cooking & baking, gardening, and has a passion for Asian antiques, Venetian glass and contemporary design. When not working you can find her in the woods chasing fairies with her daughter and her son.


Richard BoydRichard Boyd
Author of Nereena, the Fairy Queen of Halloween
Richard Boyd is a western-born (Oklahoma) and southern-bred (Texas and North Carolina) technology entrepreneur who has helped start a number of computer gaming technology companies.

His life mission is to help poor dumb humans harness the power of accelerating computer hardware and software before it is too late. Along the way he travels, marries a very gifted Italian artist and dreams about fantastic worlds where the rules of our mortal plane do not apply.

Sometimes he even combines those interests and builds virtual worlds for humans to play and fight, learn, love and cry. Oh, and sometimes he writes poetry, short stories and books. The FantaFairies asked him, of all people, to tell their story.