FantaFairies are the intricate, pen-and-ink and watercolor creations of artist Vanessa Rumaz Boyd. Each FantaFairy represents a different theme that will transport you into her whimsical fantasy world. Children and adults will delight in searching for hidden icons in the FantaFairies' intricate costumes while following their fantastic adventures.

Vanessa Rumaz Boyd, RialtoFairies have been resident in the human imagination for many centuries. In fact, their very existence relies on being imagined. The FantaFairies series of books, drawings and other artifacts exist to preserve and encourage that magical human energy that makes the existence of fairies possible, and makes our human lives more interesting and enjoyable.

Many know of the improbable city of Venice, Italy, perched off of the northeastern Italian coast, just barely keeping its head above the rising Adriatic Sea. This city, too, exists and survives (and some would say fully depends) on the imagination and dreams of mankind. This makes it the natural place of origin for an entire species of fairy, called FantaFairies, who issue forth from this improbable place to embrace and protect the far-flung cities, towns and hamlets, the holidays, the music, art and other yearnings most precious to the mortal humans chasing their dreams across the surface of the Earth.

FantaFairies are now a unique line of theme-based, seek & find artwork that encourages exploring the details of design. This line includes greeting cards, prints, collage artwork, iPad apps and books. To see all the available products, please visit our online shop or visit one of our partner stores.

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